Stomp and ROAR! Holden is FOUR!

We celebrated my own son’s 4th birthday this weekend with a dinosaur themed party! (Of course mama made his dino raglan but I’ve added it to our etsy shop if you’re little dino lover needs one too!)

Party decorations were pretty minimal for this shindig! I got some balloons from Hy-Vee, cut a few dinos out of cardstock on my cricut for a garland and scored some HUGE dinosaur stand ups from Oriental Trading Company! Toy dinosaurs from my son’s collection wanted to party too! I cut little paper hats out for a few of them and tied balloons to them. They also invaded the cupcakes and food table!

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Party food was simple and easy too! Tyson has Dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets so we grabbed some of those at the store for the “Carnivores.” I put out some green grape “dino eggs” and carrots in cups with ranch for the “Herbivores”. To me the Cheetos paws looked close enough to dino tracks so we went with it. Aldi also has Dinosaur & Shark fruit snacks that were a hit too. Cheap green “dino punch” at Wal-Mart for drinks. Hy-Vee made the adorable cake and cupcakes! I put some small dinos on the cupcakes to make them more festive!

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I try not to do too many activities at my kid’s birthday parties. Usually just one game or activity and then set them loose to free play! While we waited for all of the guests to arrive the kids colored dino coloring sheets I printed off the internet with their party favor dinosaur shaped crayons! How cute are they?! (Plus they came pre-packaged all cute-like which saved me time putting them together!) Then we headed out to the timber by our house for a Dinosaur Egg Hunt! My kids and I made Paper Mache eggs the week before the party and each egg had a mini dinosaur inside! (I’ll include a link to instructions below.) Not gonna lie, the egg-making turned out to be a bit bigger of a mess and more time consuming than I had liked but overall it was a cheap fun project! The kids loved finding the eggs and breaking them open!

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Wanna throw your own Dinosaur Party? Here’s some links to products and ideas I used for Holden’s party!


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