Gavin’s Tribal Themed 1st Birthday!

If there’s one thing we love as much as crafting, it’s having parties! We’re going to start sharing some party ideas featuring our designs on our blog to inspire you to create your own party for your birthday boy or girl! We’re starting out featuring my nephew, Gavin’s, recent first birthday party and will probably try to do some of our kid’s parties but after that, we’ll need some help! Soooo, send us pics of your recent party featuring LL&ET wear along with links to where you bought some of your cute party supplies! You went to all that work planning it, why not share it!

On to Gavin’s party! — This little sweetie nephew of mine had the most adorable Tribal Themed First Birthday party last month! My sister did such an awesome job! Our other sister, Bryn and I were excited to be able to contribute to the event. Bryn made his tee pee play tent and party hatΒ and I made his t-shirt!

I won’t bore you with lots of reading. Let’s get straight to the pictures! (Links to purchase items pictured are at the bottom of the page!)


Where to Shop!


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