Locally Grown Showcase Back Story

Clearly you know we’ve been promoting the heck out of our little “big” show, the Locally Grown Showcase! We thought we’d do a post about how and why we started this event and how it’s grown in the past couple of years.

Jessicca and I started our little crafty business sometime in 2012, (neither of us really have any idea exactly when!) and like most handmade businesses do, we tried out some local craft shows to get some publicity and sales! What we really ended up doing was shelling out gobs of money for vendor fees, money for babysitters while we were out and tons of time creating items for the show…just to sit in a metal folding chair behind a banquet table for hours making awkward conversation and selling pretMarch 20th Promo Cardty much nothing!

So, being the go-getters that we are we thought, screw it. Let’s make our own show! And not only that, let’s make it the type of show we’d like to attend. (hence the wine, ha ha) No really, we wanted something more casual, less pressured, exclusively handmade and all local. Initially we thought about just hosting something in our home with friends, but, as our ideas usually go, we went BIGGER!

We hosted the first Locally Grown ShowcaseΒ at a consignment shop that us and a few other vendors sold items in. It was super casual. We had each designer also bring in an appetizer to share so that we could advertise free food too! It was like a party you’d have at your home with friends. We also invited Snus Hill to offer wine tasting at the show! We weren’t expecting much for attendance, especially in a gigantic snow storm, but come the day of the show we were BLOWN AWAY by the attendance! It was a mad house, which was good albeit pretty chaotic.

We knew we wanted to do it again and we needed more space so we then moved the event to Snus Hill Winery! It’s been nothing but a win win for us and the winery and we love working with them! Wine + Shopping, what could be better!

We now host the showcase twice each year (spring and fall) and recently added an Omaha show last summer!

So, if you’ve never experienced one of our shows before please stop out this weekend! It’s free to attend Sunday 12-4 or you can get in on the VIP show Saturday night to shop early with us! Tickets available here.

And Omaha…we’re coming back! Mark your calendars for July 24th with a pre-show July 23rd at Elkhorn Ridge Banquet Facility!

We’re curious…were you at that first show in Huxley??





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